Wow in the Word

The goofball science podcast Wow in the World is packed with as much comedy as information. Hosted by Mindy, a klutz with a time machine, and Guy, her uptight foil, Wow in the World takes on serious scientific inquiries and makes learning fun—even for parents. (After all, the podcast is from NPR.) The expanding cast of silly characters, led by Reggie the carrier pigeon, keeps the episodes fresh. A few listens and your kiddo will want to be a Wowzer, too.

Story Pirates

Story Pirates is a group of world-class actors, comedians, improvisers, and musicians who adapt stories written by kids into sketch comedy and musical theater. Visit www.storypirates.com for more information on Story Pirates and how you can bring our live show to your school or town!

Until Further Notice

A light-hearted look at education during the period schools are closed Until Further Notice. Hosted by Matthew Burton and Chris Edwards, two headteachers, who will try to navigate the choppy waters of education at this uncertain time and share the highs, lows, groans, gripes and worries with teachers, parents and students along the way.

The Daily Briefing

The actions taken now by countries and governments globally is crucial in limiting the impact of the covid-19 coronavirus - but has the response been strong enough?