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Rick Houghton

Dua Lipa

It doesn't seem like 5 minutes since we last heard music from Dua Lipa... but she's back and ready to unleash her new era!

Dua released 'Don't Start Now' earlier this month and recently sat down with Total Access presenter Olivia Jones to tell her all about her new music.

Dua fans will be excited to hear that she's experimenting with a new sound that doesn't stray too far away from her debut album, she also revealed why she never got around to doing a music video with BLACKPINK for their 'Kiss and Make Up' tune.

The interview also gave Olivia a chance to persuade Dua to get involved with her idea for a TV show... 'Dua Lipa Faith'. 

You can find out what that TV show would entail and hear the rest of Dua Lipa's chat with Olivia on Total Access below.