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Rick Houghton


Yungblud has been called one of the world's rising music stars... however just try telling the fans that locked down Times Square that he's not already a star!

The Doncaster lad, who is currently isolating in California, recently joined Olivia Jones on Total Access to chat about his new single 'Weird' which is rushed forward the release to try and cheer his fans up during the crises. 

Whilst chatting with Olivia, Yungblud told us about the time his fans responded to a call out by him on social media to join him to watch his new music video... he thought there would only be '5 people and a crazy guy', in the end the police had to shut down the street!

Watch the best bits of his chat with Olivia on Total Access below... and catch the music video for his new tune 'Weird'.