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You might be king or queen of the remote, but are you paying a royal ransom for what you watch?

According to Ofcom, the average household can spend up to £120 per month on mobile, broadband and TV packages. That adds up to over £1,400 a year.

Often, you can be splashing out on shows that you don’t ever watch.

Here Sun Savers, shows you the way to slash the cost of a night in by simplifying which subscriptions you pay for...

1. Work out your cost per watch. Love reality TV more than anything else? Hayu is dedicated to reality TV including full series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians - they also have the premiere of new seasons before UK TV With over 6,000 episodes for only £4.99 a month. Two a night for 30 days works out as just 9p an episode. That’s £35 less than the average BT TV package or similar.

2. Make the most of FREE trials. Get six months of free entertainment by using the FREE trial period to your advantage. Amazon Prime, Hayu and Netflix all offer 30 days FREE. Keep an eye on popular shows and plan to sign up for that month using the right app and you won’t have to pay. Just be sure to cancel before your trial is over. That could mean a saving of up to £7.99, the monthly cost of an Amazon Prime account.

3. Buy a box. Do you need a full TV package if you only use some bits of it? A Bush Freeview Play Zapper Box is £69.99 and allows you to upgrade your TV to include iPlayer and 4OD, which means hundreds of box sets at the click of your finger, with no rolling subscription fee.

4. Check other retailers. The new NOW TV stick provides catch-up TV and voice search and normally costs, £19.99, with a two-month Sky entertainment pass. But check the same deal at Argos and it’s just £14.99 - a saving of £5.

5. Talk to your provider. If you’re coming up to the end of your package, it’s always worth checking the likes of USwitch for the best deals in your area and then telling your provider what you’ve found. They’ll want to keep your business and will often offer you a rate that can be up to £10 lower a month.

6. Cashback is king. When shopping around for your deal, always run the numbers by cashback sites like TopCashback and Quidco. Currently, Quidco are offering a huge £105 cashback when buying TalkTalk TV and broadband for just £24 per month.

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