Sun Savers Back to School

Kids go back to school next week and, on average it costs £206 to kit out your child for the next academic year.

Don’t get caught out with a hefty bill

Here's five great tips on how you can reduce the cost, by taking care of your new uniform...

1) Give your uniform a refresh - by adding distilled white vinegar to your machine cycle keeps the colour nice and fresh

2) Worried about new shoes giving your kids blisters? Look no further, blow-dry new shoes to break them in and avoid blisters. Don’t forget to target tough areas like the heel

3) Gym kit looking a little dishevelled? Just sprinkle baby powder on the underarms and collars of white shirts to stop stains. Then add lemon juice to water to avoid discolouration or sweat marks on shirts and PE kit

4) Got your zipper stuck? Unlock them and save an old school coat using a dab of Vaseline on a cotton bud

5) Smelly shoes? Pop a dry tea bag in plimsolls or trainers after exercise to prevent bad smells

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As we get ready to go back to school, we sent our very own Holly Smith out in search of some bargains.