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Rick Houghton

Driving Advice

Bad weather can test the best of drivers to remain in full control of their vehicles at all times. In poor weather and visibility conditions only make essential journeys, so here are a few useful driving tips from the RAC.

Tips before setting off and whilst driving in severe weather conditions:

Check that the screen wash is regularly filled and the solution contains additives to prevent it freezing

Check that all lights are clean and working properly

Make sure all windows and mirrors are clean and before driving off make sure you vision is clear and the windows are de-misted

Check the tyre conditions and that they are correctly inflated

Always ensure that you have a warm coat in the car, in case things go wrong

When the weather gets worse, allow extra time for your journey, and keep extra space between you and the vehicle in front of you

Keep to the left in queuing traffic to allow emergency vehicles to get past

Use the appropriate lights, just because it is snowing, does not mean you need to use fog lights. Only use front or rear fog lights when visibility is less than 100 meters.

Take a fully charged up mobile phone

Plan your journey

Ensure you have enough fuel for your journey, you use more fuel in traffic and stop/start conditions.

Extra recommended items to have on board:

Heavy duty jump leads
A good tow rope
A good first aid kit
High quality torch with spare batteries
A fire extinguisher
Spare fuel can

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