The Pink KitKat is Coming


NESTLÉ hopes to sweeten your snack with a pink, four fingered KitKat, made from the new ruby chocolate.

The pink chocolate was developed last year in China, and is the first new flavour since the white version was unveiled by the Swiss in the 1930s.

Soon you'll be able to try the newest type of chocolate yourself because Nestlé has turned its four-fingered KitKat pink.

The crispy wafer bar is coated with ruby chocolate, made from ruby cocoa beans, which has an intense berry-fruitiness taste - there's no need to add any extra flavouring or colour.

It's only the fourth type of chocolate invented, after the dark, milk and white types.

The chocolatey snacks were first released in Japan and Korea in time for Valentine's Day, but soon they'll be available across the pond too.

In Japan they were sold as a luxury, chocolatory sublime ruby bar. It was limited edition and you could only get one finger in a pack.

Image: Nestle

Soon, you'll be able to buy the four-finger versions at Tesco and they have an RRP of 85p. But prices may be different in store because retailers can set their own prices.

Normally, a four-fingered version costs around 60p from most supermarkets so the newest bar may be more expensive when it finally hits the shops.

Nestlé is rolling out the new bars to Europe and then later in America.

Alex Gonnella from Nestlé’s UK said: "We know that a new type of KitKat is a really big deal and we are very excited to be able to offer a different type of chocolate for KitKat fans to try.

"Ruby chocolate is a big innovation in confectionery and we are very proud that KitKat is the first major brand in the UK to feature this exciting new chocolate."

The rose coloured chocolate was created by chocolate giant Barry Callebaut but scientists across Belgium and France have spent decades perfecting it, before it was launched to a panel of chocolate experts in Shanghai, China.

When it comes to KitKat bars, Nestle often roll out new flavours to try, like the lemon drizzle flavoured one spotted in Asda and the New York Cheesecake flavoured KitKat Chunky.

In Japan they released a bizarre range of horrible sounding limited edition flavours inspired by classic sushi filling - tuna, sea urchin and egg.

Ever wondered what the tasty filling is in between the crunchy wafers of a KitKat? You may be surprised to hear, then, that the "chocolayer" is actually smashed-up KitKats. Mind blowing.