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Did Camila Cabello leave Fifth Harmony two years ago?!



We love a good conspiracy theory here on Total Access but this one is actually quite believable!

Let's face it, Camila Cabello was not happy in Fifth Harmony for quite a while before she quit the band at the end of last year. There has been rumours, claims and accusations ever since and it's become quite bitter between both parties.

But now, in another shocking twist, it seems like Camila could have actually quit the band a full year before she actually left!

Documents have been leaked that say Camila tried to break ties with 5H in September 2015 and some fans of the band ARE NOT HAPPY!

#CamilaCabelloIsOverParty was trending all over Twitter on Monday with many people quick to dismiss Camila however, others were defending the singer and telling everyone to read the full details of the document!

What's your opinion... are you Team 5H or Team Cabello?!

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