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Ed Sheeran Makes £17million On His Year Off!

Ed Sheeran resize 2017


Ed Sheeran has proved that he can literally sit on his backside doing nothing... and still be a millionaire!

Figures have been released of Ed's 2016 earnings and he made a whopping £17 million... the only thing is, Ed Sheeran famously took a year off in 2016!

Yes, thanks to the many songs he has written for himself and other artists, Ed can take a gap year around the world and still made a whole lot of money.

Ed made his return to music at the start of 2017 as he released the record breaking album 'Divide' which featured hits 'Galway Girl', 'Shape Of You' and 'Castle On The Hill' so we're expecting his earnings to be much higher for this year.

During his year off Ed went around the world visiting Japan, Iceland and New Zealand but jokingly revealed that writing 'Love Yourself' for Justin Bieber helped pay for all of that.

It looks like we could be seeing Ed take some more time off after his tour finishes... it's not like he needs to work!

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