James Arthur House Hunting With TV Star!

James Arthur RESIZE


James Arthur is looking to break America... and he's made a new pal on the way!

James has revealed that he is looking for a new base in L.A but clearly isn't one for being alone as he says he's house-hunting with TV presenter Mark Wright!

The former TOWIE star is in the US co-presenter entertainment show 'Extra' alongside Saved By The Bell's Mario Lopez and after bumping into the X-Factor singer at a pool party he wants the pair to be housemates!

‘I recorded a special feature at The Standard hotel in Los Angeles.

‘I was sitting by the pool waiting to hear it back when Mark came over and we had a couple of glasses of whisky.

‘He is such a lovely, down to earth guy. We talked about hanging out and sharing a flat. It would be a pretty cool flat.’

Just imagine being a fly on the wall in that house!

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