Vic McGlynn

What is your full name? Victoria Claire McGlynn

What's your star sign? Tau-bra-pio

Where did you grow up? Blackpool

What's your favourite drink? Depends how tight my kecks are getting; gin and tonic, or Oyster Stout.

What magazines do you buy? Viz, Take a Break and New Scientist. 

What was the worst job you ever had? Crying whilst dressed up as a Lion and getting seven shades kicked out of me by small children. 

Name the first record you bought… Paula Abdul – Straight Up.

What's your guilty pleasure? The Wrestling!

What's your favourite film? Coming to America. Yes.

Who in the world, do you love more than anyone else? My inner circle.

What's the worst thing about you? Bluntness / insensitivity.

What's the best thing about you? Bluntness / brutal honesty. 

What annoys you more than anything? Injustice. 

Describe how you looked in 1990: Spiral Perm, massive face, maroon school uniform, excessive acne and smelling of Body Shop’s Dewberry. 

What's your favourite food? All of it. 

What food do you dislike? Nothing. I have and will eat everything.

What was the best Christmas present you ever had? My first bike. 

Where is your favourite place in the world? Lorne, on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. Heaven!

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be? Javier Bardem, in a thong stuffed with cash, holding a platter of melon slices, in a locked cupboard.

Most embarrassing moment in radio? Every time I open my mouth.