On Air


A Guide to Skincare

Even if you don't go abroad, we'll still get hot days here in the UK - and we want you to stay safe!

Our guide is packed with tips about looking after yourself in the summer, with everything from safe sun, treating your feet and dealing with allergies, to vaccinations, looking after your pets and what to pack.

Look after your skin

It's a lovely feeling - the hot sun on your skin, but even a short time in the sun can damage your skin, causing premature ageing and, more seriously, skin cancer.

Use the right amount and reapply often

Between 11am and 3pm it’s best to seek the shade because this is when the sun’s rays can do most damage to your skin. So how about a long lunch or a short siesta?

And remember… when the day’s done, slather on some aftersun lotion or gel to cool your skin and keep it moisturised and younger looking.

A radiant tan...without the sun!

The safest tan these days comes out of a bottle. And, if you follow these steps and use our great range of self tanners, you’ll get really natural looking sun kissed results...

Step 1: exfoliate and moisturise

Exfoliating removes any flaky skin and moisturising smoothes your skin even more so you get an even colour. Put more moisturiser onto drier areas like elbows, knees and ankles to prevent them absorbing too much colour.

Step 2: Apply your tanning product

Use even, circular motions to apply, and remember not to use as much on your knees and elbows to prevent crease marks.

Step 3: Prolong your tan

To keep your tan from fading you’ll need to reapply every few days, following the same steps as above. And don’t forget, your fake tan doesn’t give you any protection in the sun so you’ll still need to apply a high factor product when you’re out