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How Hot Is It Tomorrow?

MOST of the country will be bathed in sunshine today as a “Spanish plume” sends temperatures soaring.

Forecasters are expecting “a perfect summer’s day” at the start of a mini-heatwave.

Temperatures will rise to 80F (26C) today before hitting 86F (30C) and peaking at 88F (31C) on Wednesday.

The Met Office’s Steven Keates said: “It’s going to be really nice on Monday.

“Some places will see sun from dusk till dawn.”

The heat will give rise to thundery downpours, with lightning and torrential rain expected late tomorrow night and into midweek.

Longer-term, Brits are bracing themselves for a scorching hot summer with high temperatures to last until October.

Forecasters are predicting a hotter than average weather spell over the next three months that could see the mercury rise to 36C – as hot as parts of Africa.

Britain has seen bouts of hot weather over the last couple of months with the hottest day of the year so far being 34.5C, recorded on June 21 at Heathrow in London.

The next spell is set to begin in about a week’s time, after a few days of rain, with some parts of the country expected to see temperatures nudge 30C.

Schools across the country will be breaking up for the summer holidays over the next fortnight and the hot weather could see families flocking to the seaside to cool off.

Festivalgoers are also set to benefit from the warm sunshine with events including V Festival, Creamfields, Reading and Leeds festivals due to take part in August.

The Met Office forecast for July until September said: “The chances of a very hot summer are increased compared to normal, although relatively low overall.

“There is a shift in likelihood towards warmer-than-average conditions.

“For July to September, above average temperatures are more probable than below average.

“The probability UK average temperatures fall into the warmest of our five categories is 30 per cent.”

The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze told the Daily Star Sunday: “Highs of 36C are on the cards this summer, with warm air expected to blow in from Africa.

“After a superb start to summer, bursts of heat ahead have the potential to be hot, hot, hot.

“A plume of very warm air could arrive from midweek, with temperatures approaching or exceeding 30C in the south.”

A Met Office forecaster said: “By Wednesday, it will be warm or very warm, with above average temperatures and largely settled weather expected in the period ahead.

“Prolonged dry and warm spells are likely to become more prevalent across much of the UK by the end of July.”

Writing ealier today on their website, the weather group said: “There is a reasonable signal for warmer than average temperatures through to mid-August.”

Temperatures have been so warm at points during this year's Wimbledon Championships that a ball girl collapsed from the heat.


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